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Our Studio
Casa De La Orilla

My Southern Arizona studio lies nestled within a crook of the river in the San Pedro National Riparian Conservation Area. Located within Cochise County this pastoral environment was federally protected as a 60,000 acre preserve in 1986. The property is an inholding within this park and was acquired prior to its formation. Since 1986 this site has been my foray into a long held dream encompassing the Arcadian villa and the stewardship of the land.

Conceived as a laboratory for the decorative and design arts the studio has taken its symbolic cue from the historic precedence of the missions and haciendas of the southwest.

View a gallery of recent interior photos
View a gallery of recent exterior photos


The San Pedro flows north from Mexico into the US

My studio lies in this curve of the river. It is February and the cottonwoods are about to leaf


The studio during the summer monsoon.

The long house viewed from across the pond

My neighbor caught by the river

The grounds with cottonwoods in the background


 Some of my other neighbors
by the pond


Looking towards the river

The entry road

Sunflowers and the Huachuca Mountains

Arabians by the pecans

Miller Peak in the spring

Stonework by the pond

Wisteria on the pergola

 The lap pool

 The Ponderosa!

|Falcones on the lawn

 The parapet evokes a mountain

 Cleaning out the barn

For years I have enjoyed a passionate relationship with historic sports cars and motorcycles. As a visceral performance art they have brought much richness to my life as well as the people I have met through this hobby. The satisfaction of historic preservation or new fabrication apart from architecture and sculpture, has been at times a welcome relief. Special consideration will be given to clients who have an old Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ferrari, or Maserati to supply in trade. Barn fresh is fine, ditto for old motorcycles. To view some of the many adventures I have had, please go to Robb's rides.

Building the Studio

 In the beginning (1988)

 Elevation of the library

 Setting the final Rastra block on the library parapet


Views of the library, dining room and master suite additions prior to plastering


Library Interiors 

Dining Room

 Gas fireplace in study


Caretaker's house in autumn

View of the Riparian from the studio loggia

The library


 Workshop with clay patterns
prior to molding


Fireplace model, and finished

Since 1988 I have lived and worked in this beautiful natural environment. The creation of the studio was as much a passion as the work which took place within it. Because of a new architectural dream and the need to be closer to Concrete Designs, Inc as well as reside in a more accessible city for my clients the decision was made to sell the ranch and acquire a beautiful ridge at the base of the Catalina Mountains in Northeast Tucson. 

View a gallery of recent interior photos
View a gallery of recent exterior photos