1906 Territorial 
Owl's Club 
County Courthouse 
St Thomas Church 
De Concini Bldg 
Fertitta Residence 
Green Valley Library 
Water Tower 
Kwasman Residence 
Peninsula Hotel 
Private Residence 
Christie's Auction 
Cher Residence 
Wooley Residence 
Bisbee High School 
Micek Residence 
Miller Residence 
Lancashire Res 
Mozart Residence 
Assenmacher Res 
Weintraub Res 

Balcony door surround at living room

Line drawing of balcony portal

The inner crown molding is cast in GFRC.
The facia moldings are precast concrete.
The decorative panels are cast in GFRC.  

Clay model of finial panel 

Clay model of volute at base 

    Sculptor:  Melody Peters
    Sculptor:  Shawn Erickson
    Casting and Tooling:     www.concrete-designs.com