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1994-2000 Private Residence

Columns and Capitals

18 inch Romanesque column capital

Line drawing of 18 inch capital


18 inch capital in situ


Line drawing of loggia showing glazed sea wall side and open interior courtyard side 

GFRC loggia at glazed sea wall 

Detail of 12 inch GFRC floral and pelican capitals on 12 inch twisted vine column and Romanesque base at interior court 

Detail of GFRC Pelican capital showing twisted necks forming volute 

Detail of GFRC Floral capital  

Line drawing of 12 inch Pelican capital 

Early version - did not resolve the volutes as well as the twisted neck version, hence it did not make the cut 

Line drawing of 12 inch Floral capital 

The gargoyle idea was jettisoned for the floral capital, however the vined shaft was retained 

The tracings become clay

The pelicans are born


Shawn in the studio with the pattern of the twining shaft








Twining necks form the volute 

Making the molds of both capitals on the rotisserie