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Architects: Rocco Descign, HK
Interior Designer: Orlando Diaz Azcuy

In 1993 Robert Boucher worked with Rocco Design architects and San Francisco interior designer Orlando Diaz Oscuay to create a neo-classical GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) column cover, which clad two massive cast concrete structural columns that supported a 30 story addition to the historic Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong.   These column capitals surfaced at the eighth floor roof deck, making a transition from the old hotel to the new tower.  The column capitals rested on marble shafts and used uplighting, in the neck molding, to illuminate a frieze of figures, dancing and playing instruments.  This project marked the first major collaboration with Concrete Designs, Inc. (Tucson, AZ) to accomplish the production of Robert's designs and castings.  This relationship continues to this date.  

Line Drawing of the Column Capital 

Cast Plastilina modeling of the frieze
(cylindrical section detail shown


The massive crown moldings for the capitals were screeded in plaster and molded at Concrete Designs, Inc. Tucson, AZ. Shown to the left is one of the finished castings awaiting crating before being shipped to Hong Kong by container.

The casstings are palletized, stretch wrapped, and prepared for overseas shipping at the CDI facility in Tucson.


Drawing detail

Drawing detail

The archaic lion head for the fountain, shown modeled in plastilina.


 Welding the stainless steel armature which
accepts the GFRC astings surrounding the
structural concrete column.

Design detail of the column framing

Fractured column expressing the central support cylinder within

Worker hand finishing the joints by stoning.
In Hong Kong, bamboo scaffolding can reach 50 stories.

FINIS 1994



Architect: Rocco Design
Interior Design: Orlando Diaz Azcuy
Sculptor: Melody Peters
Sculptor: Nicholas Burke
Tooling & Casting: CDI, Tucson, AZ