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1988-1990 St. Thomas in the Foothills
Tucson, Arizona

Architect: Seaver Franks Architects

 The St. Thomas in the foothills church interior fitments arose as a collaboration with Rory McCarthy Design to create an altar, ambo, baptismal font, tabernacle, and the 14 stations of the cross in cast stone.

These architectonic pieces relate to the larger geometry and symbolism of the Tucson Catalina Foothills Church designed by Seaver Franks Architects.



Altar showing a cylinder within an octagon

The grapes, the wheat, the wine, the bread




 The ambo showing the illuminated prayer tablet within

Detail of the illuminated prayer tablet




The font is supported in an octagonal
tower with four portals 

The font is comprised of spun copper and iron





Iron and brass tabernacle

The tabernacle altar made of cast stone




Jesus is condemned to death 

Jesus bears his cross 

Jesus falls the first time beneath the cross 

Jesus meets his holy mother 


Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the cross 

 Jesus and Veronica

Jesus falls the second time 

Jesus comforts the women of Jerusalem 


 Jesus falls a third time

Jesus is stripped of his garments and given gall to drink 

Jesus is nailed to the cross 

Jesus dies 


Jesus is taken from the cross and laid in Mary's arms 

Jesus is laid in the tomb 




Architect: Seaver Franks Architects
Designer: Rory McCarthy Design
Artist/Sculptor: Melody Peters