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1988 Deconcini Building
"Tucson, Arizona"

ARCHITECT: Seaver Franks Architects



In 1986, Robert Boucher collaborated with Mike Franks of Douglas Seaver and Associates in Tucson, Arizona, to create a facade for a modern office building. The concept addressed the use of a modern window wall grid system that provided a contemporary sense of space for its occupants but was grounded in masonry and wore a facade that tipped its hat to the regional traditions of the area.

The facade, as an original composition, continued the symbolic dialogue begun by Louis Sullivan in Chicago and carried on by Henry Trost in early Tucson. In this sense, it was a post-post modern building in that it was as intensely crafted as its inspirational predecessors.

Much of the traditional detailing of these early pioneers was reinterpreted by hands that had followed the original shapes in the restoration of the Owl's club. Murals, friezes, and Sullivanesque tiles were created afresh as a tribute to the knowledge gained and inspiration born through the preservation and understanding of earlier works.

Historic preservation not only restores buildings, it reawakens skills and crafts that seek their fortune again.


 Drawing of the Deconcini Law Offices




The initial installation of castings delineate the perimeter of the facade so that the finish plasterers can use the tiles as a stop.



The art is in the details.


The mural floats against the glass entry as a window to another world.







On the Lathe - Finish Sanding the mahogany pattern
(shown at right) for the facade crest.


Freize tiles made with MDF and mahogany

The Tree of Life

Conch at keystone

Model for the Sullivanesque seed pod capital
(feed me Seymour!)


Casting of scrolls at Pediment

Frieze Tile that was bent to fit
the curvature of the soffit
modeled in plastilina.

A-B-A Repeating pattern for the column tile (shown in cast stone with patina.)


Clay Patterns for custom tiles at the doorframe


Quatrefoil tile that clads base pier. 



FINIS 1988

Time to completion - 9 months



Melody Peters - Artist/Sculptor
Ted Breault - Artist/Sculptor
Tod Hoyer - Turnings
Mike Crumrine - Installation
Mike Franks - Architect