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1906 Arizona Territorial Home

Former residence of E. A. Tovrea

Architect Henry Trost
Located in Bisbee, Arizona
Condition as of 1978
Owned & Restored by R. W. Boucher (sold 1986)


  The beautiful fusion of prairie school and mission revival architectural styles in this villa reflect Trost's association with Louis Sullivan in Chicago at the turn of the century. This territorial home needed total restoration, particularly in the cast plaster frieze that graced its 220 linear feet of eaves. It prompted Robert Boucher's exploration of architectural sculpture, mold making, casting techniques, and the search for more durable materials.


One of the original jute reinforced plaster of paris Sullivanesque tiles




A grouping of the new Sullivanesque tiles prior to painting and installation (this first project was recreated as per the original, thus necessitating the need for an effective weather barrier.) Later projects were created in calcium silicia aluminate, precast concrete, or glass fiber reinforced concrete which do not require exterior painting.



Restoration completed in 1983