1906 Territorial 
Owl's Club 
County Courthouse 
St Thomas Church 
De Concini Bldg 
Fertitta Residence 
Green Valley Library 
Water Tower 
Kwasman Residence 
Peninsula Hotel 
Private Residence 
Christie's Auction 
Cher Residence 
Wooley Residence 
Bisbee High School 
Micek Residence 
Miller Residence 
Lancashire Res 
Mozart Residence 
Assenmacher Res 
Weintraub Res 



Robert W. Boucher and Associates have been creating architectural precast facades and fitments since 1985. Our approach to this process comprises the initial design, the tooling and sculpting required of any individual component of the composition, the actual casting and production in conjunction with Concrete Designs, Inc of Tucson, AZ (www.concrete-designs.com) and the final construction coordination of the installation and scheduling with the contractors, architects, and client.

Our working relationship with CDI, the largest supplier of ornamental precast concrete in North America allows a unique ability to address the most intricate design and fabrication details allied with the unlimited potential for large scale production. All molds and patterns viewed here are the property of this collaboration and are available through CDI. Please contact John Beardsley, Project Coordinator at CDI (1-800-279-2278) or Robert Boucher (520-366-5769) with your requirements.

The following portfolio of projects illustrates the breadth of our involvement in architectural precast. We have a strong background in historic detail, however, we are not bound by any one stylistic vocabulary. Be it contemporary or historicist, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with yourself and your design professionals in creating a unique and timeless expression of a centuries old tradition.

House and Garden 1991


Contact us at:
Robert W. Boucher
10906 E. Hereford Rd
Hereford, AZ 85615

Telephone: (520) 366-5769
Fax: (520) 366-0406
Email: R. W. Boucher

FALL 2007 Latest work!
Amundson Ave Bridge,
Madison Club, La Quinta, CA
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1906 Territorial Home, Boucher Residence
restored 1985

Owl's Club Restoration
Tucson, AZ 1986

Cochise County Courthouse Restoration
Bisbee, AZ 1986

St Thomas in the Foothills Church
Tucson, AZ 1987 - 1989

De Concini Building
Tucson, AZ 1988

Fertitta Residence
Las Vegas, NV 1989

Pima County
Green Valley Library 1989

Kwasman Residence
Tucson, AZ 1991

El Conquistador Water Tower
Tucson, AZ 1993

Peninsula Hotel
Hong Kong 1993

Beverly Hills, CA 1996

Private Residence
La Jolla, CA 1994-2000

Residence for Cher
Malibu, CA 1997-1999

Woolley Residence
Dallas, TX 1997

Old Bisbee High School
Bisbee, AZ 1998

Micek Residence
Tucson, AZ 1999

Miller Residence
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 1999

Lancashire Residence, Hope Ranch
Santa Barbara, CA 1999-2000

Mozart Residence
Palo Alto, CA 1999

Assenmacher Residence
Tucson, AZ 1998

Weintraub Residence
Malibu, CA
1999-present day